The Long Drawing Water Cycle

Clouds that rain,
Rivers which drain,
Along estuary
And into the sea
Form Nature’s Water Cycle –
Just a part of the long water cycle supporting you and me.

To help you discover the full length picture of the Water Cycle which supports us, we have created ‘The Long Drawing Water Cycle’ along an 18 metre banner walk. This waterproof banner in two sections is available for educational use and is pictured here (image below) inside a geodome ready for the arrival of nine schools during Spring Greens Fair 2018.

The banners come in two, easy-to-carry rolls with strong eyelets, suitable for display along outside walls and railings or inside corridors.

So when you need to travel along the whole Water Cycle picture to really get a feel for all the water uses and users water companies support, put our Long Drawing to the test.

(Available for all educational fairs, shows and events)

The Long Drawing. Part 1 of 2