The solution is Education

Having the opportunity to question our audiences at the end of our tellings, we always ask  “What’s the Solution to the World’s Problems?”. The single most popular answer is, ‘Education’ – and we also get a few answers that confirm  there’s a shallow understanding of some global issues.

Not all global issues are fun and easy to solve, so it’s a challenge to motivate people to adopt them all. Asking a class in primary school, “who wants a career in stopping fat balls developing in drains and helping wet wipe producers adapt their product?” doesn’t get a show of eager hands. So although education is the solution, it’s a global education that’s needed which takes a while to achieve.

World of Water will soon be celebrating its 40th anniversary and undaunted by the task of gearing up the World for the ever cleaner and wiser future it needs, our charity is readying itself to use augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, cognitive services and inter-planet networking to help all Worlds of Water – whatever lengths we have to go.




More on WoW’s Educational Project, “Image of Learning” (which is not a responsive site yet. Any volunteers?)