UPDATE: Spring Greens Fair 2018

3 School days, 4 workshops, 9 hard copy school packs and 5 digital, one H20bservatory, one holiday weekend open to the public, talks, tweets @SpringGreensFai and countless conversations, the next project is, “The Little Green Schoolbook” (not to be confused with the little red schoolbook). 

“The Little Green Schoolbook” is to be a publication of ideas collected from ‘the NEXT GENERATION’ of thinkers whilst they are still in primary school.

…………….  2017 >

After a couple of days seconded to Spring Greens Fair 2017 to gather extra material for their eight school packs, the programme for the following two public days looked so good that it was impossible to stay away.

Our thanks to Sam Goddard, Richie Cotterill and everyone at Spring Greens Fair for the opportunity to provide all the promotional material, work sheets and follow on project packs. Thanks also to Sarah Blenkinsop, Frank Hemming, Pete Linnel, Jo Dainty, Sarah Adby, Gordon Coppock, Rebecca Finney and Matthew for their assistance.


Got to see the Riversimple Hydrogen Car close up at Spring Greens fair

The Water Wheel at Court of Noke is being repaired. Before long it may be back in action – probably helping to stir the Edward Bulmer paint range which is produced on site.

Unlike our Field Centre’s pizza oven, Matthew’s Cob Oven needs a roof to keep the rain off but his pizza cook faster > 90 seconds

All the school pupils enjoyed preparing, cooking and especially eating their own pizza – the tastiest highlight of the second School Day.

Whilst the school pupils were busy powering their kettle and frying pan using two bicycles from the Energy World of Gordon Coppock, some less energetic adult sat back and waited for the kettle to steam over a wood fire.

The Bender building in the above photo, was built by the pupils of Weobley Primary, Staunton on Wye, Dilwyn and Gladestry Primary over the first School Day with materials and a guiding hand from Pete Linnel.

After four busy school session on each of the two school days, there was time to ‘Gather in the Day’ and make a start on designing those Idealistic Homes (The theme of this year’s Spring Greens Fair)

Each school was given a large ‘goodie bag’ of construction materials, each sealed in plastic bags and labelled with clues and questions. Contents included stone, mini-bricks, slate, woods, insulation, fabric, original sketches of homes and building details from IOL (Image of Learning) along with a collection of objects with questions to serve as clues in a competition to win the Spring Greens Fair Idealistic Home Green Dragon Award.


Spring Greens Fair hosted 80 school pupils, with their teachers, over two School Days.  You can follow this link to the Pembridge CE Primary School follow-up project.

Meanwhile, we noticed that there were tens of thousands of once ideal homes laying uninhabited in the River Arrow water at Court of Noke. Here’s the mystery found by two pupils when looking for material to build their ‘Mini Fairy Houses’ :

A 2017 River Arrow mystery

According to Edward Bulmer of Court of Noke, these little shell homes are everywhere but are not seen ‘alive’ with their shellfish inhabitants. It’s a mystery that may need solving as the River Arrow at Court of Noke during Spring Greens Fair 2015, was full of healthy freshwater life. What’s changed? Any ideas – or is THAT another schools project for another Spring Greens Fair School Day?








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