Water’s the name! Mr. Water to you. You can see the damage I can do.

In the words of The Pacific Tsunami Museum, 75% of that damage is caused by earthquakes.

Is that like saying floods are really caused by rain-full clouds or that there wouldn’t be so much water around above the Earth’s surface if we just stopped pumping ancient water out of the water table to water crops and fill bottles and baths?


There’s a balancing act we humans are trying to learn.
We’re living on a planet where giant land masses move
beneath our feet, where we dump trash into the fresh air
and water we need clean, and where we put an every greater
strain on everything around us by being great at increasing
the size of our population and decreasing the size of populations
that aren’t human.

We haven’t found a recipe for the future that’s been tried and tested and whilst
we debate and disagree on what’s best the use-by date of Planet Earth gets
closer and closer.

Yes, that use-by date is a long way off but we need to spend what time our species
has in a sensible way – one that doesn’t disable our present in such a way that
it makes our future unreachable.

Today starts now.

Each move we make must take us forward.

DO NOT UPSET your home planet.

Thanks Andrea Wulf
@andrea_wulf for all your interesting research into Humboldt