Postcards 1840 – 2000

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“Wish you were here
So much”, piling like litter.

Tiktok postcards,
Flickr too, saying
Having a good time,
Hope you are too”

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WoW subject, “Water”
From coast to coast.

Do you remember when the post was delivered twice a day and when envelope flaps could be tucked in without the need to lick the glue strip?  Sometimes, news from friends and relatives on the back of postcards arrived pre-read by the postman who had time to share their thoughts on your news, keep a watchful eye on your neighbourhood and even move your daily ‘pinta’ milk into the shade and out of the morning sun on your doorstep.

From these bygone years of neighbourhood caring in the mid to late 1800’s, we have a rich collection of images shared from around the globe that tell us about life at a slower pre-digital pace. Today’s screen images trend for milliseconds and lose their value in image seach results, and very few OpenSea animated 3D nft postcards will reach the value of  the World’s oldest Postcard: £31,750 (Send on 14th July 1840)

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