Aquisitions Policy

Acquisitions Policy for World of Water

At World of Water (WOW), we are committed to expanding and enriching our collections in alignment with our mission to raise awareness about the significance of water in our lives and its global impact. Our acquisitions policy serves as a guiding framework to ensure that all acquisitions are purposeful, relevant, and contribute meaningfully to our exhibitions, educational programs, and outreach initiatives.

This policy applies to all acquisitions made by World of Water [WOW. Reg. UK charity no. 327188] including donations, purchases, gifts, loans, and permanent acquisitions. Our collections encompass a diverse range of artifacts, documents, artworks, and multimedia materials related to the theme of water.

Guiding Principles:

Acquisitions must directly relate to the theme of water, its historical, cultural, scientific, and environmental significance, or its impact on human society and the natural world.

Educational Value:
Acquisitions should possess significant educational value, enriching our exhibitions, educational programs, and research activities. Priority will be given to items that facilitate hands-on learning experiences, spark curiosity, and foster deeper understanding among our visitors.

Authenticity and Integrity:
We prioritize acquiring authentic and historically accurate artifacts that have a documented provenance. Transparency and integrity in the acquisition process are paramount to maintaining the credibility of our collections.

Diversity and Representation:
We seek to build collections that reflect the diversity of human experiences with water across cultures, geographies, and time periods. Acquisitions should contribute to a comprehensive and inclusive narrative that celebrates the richness of global water heritage.

Stewardship and Care:
We are committed to responsible stewardship of our collections, ensuring their preservation, conservation, and accessibility for future generations. Acquired items should be in good condition, and efforts will be made to maintain their integrity and longevity.

Acquisition Methods:

We welcome donations of relevant artifacts, documents, artworks, and multimedia materials that align with our collections policy. Donors are encouraged to provide detailed information about the provenance, significance, and condition of the items being offered.

Acquisitions through purchases may be considered for items that complement existing collections or fill gaps in our thematic coverage. Budgetary constraints and the availability of funding will be taken into account when making purchase decisions.

Gifts and Bequests:
Gifts and bequests of water-related materials are gratefully accepted, subject to their alignment with our collections policy and the capacity of the WOW Water Haven to accommodate and manage the donated items effectively.

Temporary loans of artifacts or materials for specific exhibitions or research purposes may be accepted, provided that appropriate loan agreements are in place, and the items meet the criteria outlined in this policy.

Collection Categories:
Our collections encompass a wide range of categories, including but not limited to:

  • Artworks and sculptures depicting water themes
    Historical artifacts related to water use, technology, and infrastructure
    Scientific specimens and research materials
    Multimedia resources such as films, documentaries, and digital media
    Archival documents, manuscripts, and photographs documenting water history
    Educational materials, publications, and reference resources

Review and Evaluation:
All proposed acquisitions will be reviewed and evaluated by the WOW Water Haven’s acquisitions committee, comprising representatives from curatorial, education, conservation, and management departments. Decisions will be based on the alignment with our mission and collections policy, as well as considerations of authenticity, significance, condition, and relevance to our programming objectives.



Our Acquisitions Policy underscores our commitment to building a dynamic and comprehensive collection that fosters understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of water resources. By adhering to these guiding principles and practices, we aim to ensure the integrity, relevance, and educational value of our collections for the benefit of present and future generations.