Donation, Sponsor and Partnership Policy

At the World of Water Charity, we are committed to fostering meaningful partnerships and accepting donations that align with our mission to promote water awareness, conservation, and education.

Our policy outlines the criteria for accepting donations and forming partnerships to ensure transparency, accountability, and alignment with our long-term sustainability goals.

Types of Donations and Support:
We welcome donations of various kinds, including financial contributions, equipment, expertise, and volunteer time. While our primary focus is on water-related initiatives, we also consider donations that indirectly support our mission, such as computer hardware for content creation, training in relevant skills, and assistance with cataloging our collections.

Criteria for Accepting Donations:
Donations must align with our mission and contribute to our educational and outreach efforts. We assess each donation based on its relevance to water-related initiatives, legal considerations, and potential impact on our organization’s goals. We do not accept living marine creatures or items that pose logistical challenges for storage and preservation.

Review and Approval Process:
Only Trustees of the charity have the authority to review and approve donations or partnerships. We conduct due diligence, legal review, and compatibility assessments to ensure that donations meet our criteria and are in line with our mission and values.

Acknowledgment and Recognition:
We acknowledge and recognize donors and partners in a manner agreed upon with them, ensuring that their contributions are publicly acknowledged and celebrated. Naming opportunities and public acknowledgments are available based on donor preferences.

Communication of Policies:
Our donation and partnership policies are communicated transparently to stakeholders, including donors, supporters, and the public. We publish our policies on our website and provide clear guidance on how to engage with us for donations or partnerships.

Handling Duplicate Items or Offers:
Duplicate items or offers from other heritage collections are evaluated based on their strategic importance and relevance to our mission. We prioritize items that fill gaps in our collections or support our educational objectives.

Evaluation and Prioritization Process:
We evaluate and prioritize potential donations or partnerships based on their strategic importance, impact on our mission, and compatibility with our long-term goals. Storage capacity, exhibition requirements, and unexpected opportunities are considered in our decision-making process.

Effective Use of Resources:
Donated funds and resources are used effectively and efficiently to advance our programs and initiatives. We publish plans and seek feedback to ensure that resources are deployed in a manner that maximizes their impact and supports our organizational objectives.

Documentation and Reporting:
We document and report on donations, sponsorships, and partnerships to internal and external stakeholders through various communication channels. Feedback is welcomed and incorporated into our reporting process to improve transparency and accountability.

Confidentiality and Data Protection:
We handle sensitive or confidential information related to donors, sponsors, or partners in accordance with data protection regulations. We respect the privacy of our stakeholders and adhere to agreed-upon confidentiality agreements.

Ethical Considerations:
We follow ethical guidelines when accepting donations or forming partnerships with businesses, government agencies, or other organizations. Each partnership is evaluated based on its ethical implications and alignment with our values and principles.

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Update Ref: DSPP/24