WOW Environmental Policy

“In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of consumerism, constantly bombarded by slick advertisements enticing us to buy more and discard old possessions. Yet, amidst this hustle, there lies a natural inclination within us to care for our surroundings. We are, by default, stewards of the environment, guardians of the delicate balance that sustains us all.”

Picture this: as we navigate our daily lives, making choices about what to buy, what to discard, and how to live, we inherently possess a sense of responsibility. It’s not just about recycling or adopting eco-friendly habits; it’s about recognizing that we all live downstream from one another.
In this interconnected world, our actions have a ripple effect, shaping the quality of life for our neighbours and future generations.

The optimism we seek doesn’t reside in lofty ideals or distant promises; instead, it finds its foundation in the choices we all make every day.

So, let’s champion this natural instinct to protect our collective home.

Let’s break free from the chains of wasteful habits, inspired by the understanding that a cleaner, balanced world is not just a distant dream but a tangible reality we can create together.

This positive shift in mindset is the catalyst for change, fostering a community that values and safeguards the planet we call home.


At WOW (World of Water) we are committed to environmental sustainability and minimizing our impact on the environment.

We recognize that the changing environment has relevance to each of us and to all species. We work to make sure it becomes ever more important to all.

Our Commitments

Environmental Impact:   We will strive to understand and minimize our environmental impact in all areas of our operation, including our offices, events and projects.

Sustainable Practices:   We will promote and implement sustainable practices, including reducing waste, conserving energy, and using environmentally friendly products.

Education and Communication:   We will educate and communicate with our volunteers, and beneficiaries about environmental issues, and lobby as many other people as possible on the importance of sustainability.

Partnerships:   We will seek to partner with like-minded organizations and suppliers who share our commitment to the environment. We will seek to partner with those we can support in adapting their ways towards sustainability.

Our Approach

Continuous Improvement:   We will continually review and improve our environmental performance, setting ambitious targets for reducing our environmental impact.

Involvement:   We will involve volunteers and partners as much as possible in implementing this policy internally, achieving a reduction in waste and carbon emissions, and sharing our progress.

Advocacy:    We will advocate for environmental responsibility and a reduce, reuse, recycle approach to products, both within our organization and with our charity partners.

Learning and Sharing:  We will share and learn alongside our sector peers and corporate partners, to be confident in acting on environmental and sustainability issues.

Our Responsibilities

Compliance:    We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, including waste and energy performance regulations.

Transparency:   Our environmental policy will remain published on our website so it can be accessed by volunteers, funders and the public thus providing internal and external transparency on what our charity is doing to improve its environmental impact.

Decision-Making:   We will establish a decision-making framework which supports volunteers to assess actions and services that have a positive environmental impact.