WOW Meetings Policy

Purpose and Scope

This Meetings Policy is designed to establish guidelines and procedures for various types of meetings conducted by World of Water. It aims to ensure the efficient and effective organization of meetings, maintain transparency, protect confidentiality when necessary, and uphold the values and objectives of the charity.


Public Meeting:     An open gathering accessible to the general public.

Members-Only Meeting:     Restricted to individuals who are registered members of World of Water, reg.UK charity no. 327188

Field Meeting:     Gatherings for charity volunteers, organized for activities related to the charity’s mission.

Discussion Meetings for Podcasts and Vids:     Sessions involving invited guests for interviews, discussions, and content creation related to the charity’s work.

Board Meetings:     Meetings specifically for the Board of Trustees, in person or live online, to discuss governance, strategic planning, and key organizational matters.

Invited Project Meetings:    Sessions where sponsors meet World of Water project teams to discuss sponsor involvement, benefits, profile and publicity related to specific projects.

Press Meetings:     Gatherings for media interactions to provide advanced notice of events, projects, and campaigns.

Negotiation Meetings:     Sessions focused on negotiating partnerships, agreements, or collaborations.

Confidential Meetings:    Closed-door meetings involving sensitive information or discussions.

Bring and Share Social Meetings:     Informal gatherings to introduce the charity’s work to new volunteers, encouraging collaboration and camaraderie.

Invited Groups Meetings:     Arranged sessions for specific groups (e.g., schools, environmental groups) for educational purposes.


 Attendance and Membership Requirement

World of Water meetings are designed for the active participation of our valued members.

While we appreciate public interest, all attendees are required to be temporary members for meeting access. This process is seamlessly facilitated through entry tickets or invitations, ensuring a smooth and inclusive experience.

Our commitment to this approach aligns with all regulations and helps us maintain the integrity of our meetings. It’s important to note that this measure is our standard practice and serves to streamline the entry process for everyone.

We look forward to welcoming both our dedicated members and those who choose to become temporary members for specific meetings, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared purpose.

Scheduling and Notification

All meetings must be scheduled in advance through the designated channels.

Notification of meetings, including agendas and relevant documents, should be provided to participants well in advance.

Conduct of Meetings

Meetings will be conducted in an organized and professional manner.

Respectful and inclusive behavior is expected from all participants.


Information discussed in confidential meetings must not be disclosed outside the meeting.

Participants are responsible for safeguarding sensitive information shared during meetings.

Recording and Documentation

Meetings may be recorded for internal purposes and to assist in the taking of accurate minutes, documented for future reference.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

All meetings shall comply with relevant legal requirements and regulations.

Review and Amendments

This policy will be periodically reviewed and updated as needed to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.

 Adoption and Acknowledgment

This Meetings Policy is adopted by World of Water.

All participants in World of Water meetings are expected to read and adhere to this policy.

World of Water reserves the right to amend this policy as necessary. Participants will be notified of any changes promptly.