WoW Privacy Policy Review May 2018

Privacy Policy

In the light of the 2018 law changes, we have,  as required of our charity, reviewed the way we know who we know and the personal way we keep in touch with helpful people.

We have always resisted the march of common progress to ‘go digital’ and treat friends and helpful people as data therefore we have never used a mailchimp, never clumlobbed a group of email addresses into a pack of blind carbon copies and never thought of anyone as a number. Now, in May 2018, we find that we are in the favourable position of not needing to change a thing in order to comply with the new law. However, as we enjoy evolving the future, we are going to do a few fresh things that might interest our supporters:

We are going to be more ‘privacy aware‘  – from both a water and waterlife perspective. From a human sanitation perspective this could translate to being more privy aware or from an Australian fashion viewpoint, perhaps more privvy aware.

We will keep our water-watching eye on the subject of privacy (privy see?) and keep flowing important water news and waterlife information to the public via our Twitter.

We will also pay more attention to the message inside the logo designed for the WikiLeaks website.

So thank you to the new data privacy law makers for making us see how future-proof we have been and still are – although there was rather a lot to read just to discover this.

A final note on WordPress Personal Data Export and Erasure

Firstly, it is good to know that if, in the future, our charity trustees ever vote to communicate in a non person-to-person manner using mass handling software like ‘mailchimp’ then this wordpress website  has the tools to tackle both personal data export and any erasure requests.