WOW Safeguarding Policy


Safeguarding Policy

Daily stress doesn’t do much for safeguarding mind, body and soul.  As we campaign for a less stressed World, we work to create secure and inclusive communities where everyone feels safe and respected.

We emphasize the principles of friendliness and neighbourliness, and so in our own safeguarding policy we prioritized the well-being of all species.

Central to this policy are:

Environmental Stewardship:      Acknowledging and respecting the well-being of all species, including aquatic life, by integrating eco-friendly practices and sustainability measures into our policies, ensuring the protection of the broader community, both human and non-human.

Preventive Measures:    Implementing proactive strategies to identify and address potential risks, fostering a preventive culture that prioritizes the safety of all community members.

Training and Awareness Programs:      Conducting training sessions and awareness programs to educate individuals about recognizing signs of vulnerability, abuse, or neglect, empowering them to respond effectively.

Reporting Mechanisms:      Establishing clear and accessible reporting mechanisms to encourage prompt reporting of concerns or incidents, ensuring a swift and appropriate response to safeguard the well-being of those involved.

Inclusivity and Diversity:      Promoting an environment that respects and celebrates diversity, acknowledging the unique needs of different individuals and groups, and fostering an inclusive atmosphere for everyone.

Our Safeguarding Policy reinforces the fundamental value of:

i)     prioritizing safety,
ii)    promoting inclusivity, and
iii)   maintaining a secure community for all.

Safety first, always!

At WOW (World of Water), we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all individuals involved with our charity, including staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, and visitors. We believe that everyone needs to be safe from harm and abuse.

Our Commitments

Protection:      We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that those involved with our charity are protected from harm, abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Training and Awareness:      We will provide appropriate training to our volunteers to ensure they understand and can fulfill their safeguarding responsibilities.

Reporting:    We will establish clear procedures for reporting any concerns or allegations of abuse or harm, and we will ensure that all reports are taken seriously and responded to promptly and appropriately.

Recruitment:      We will follow safe recruitment practices, including conducting background checks and references for all staff and volunteers who have specific contact with vulnerable individuals.

Our Approach

Responsibilities:      We will clearly define and assign safeguarding responsibilities to specific individuals within our organization, ensuring that everyone knows their role in protecting those involved with our charity.

Code of Conduct:      We will establish a code of conduct that sets out appropriate behavior for our staff and volunteers, and we will take action against any behavior that does not meet these standards.

Partnerships:      We will work in partnership with other organizations and agencies as appropriate to promote safeguarding and respond to concerns.

Review and Improvement:     We will regularly review and update our safeguarding policy and practices to ensure they remain effective and reflect current best practice.