Formerly known as Sea Weed

Isn’t it about time we stopped calling sea plants, ‘seaweeds’ because if we think of them as weeds we’ll just value them less.

For example, we gave little value to the items we threw away in rubbish  bins and waste bins before we all realised that we needed to recycle and upcycle materials like glass, plastic, paper, clothing,  shoes & batteries.

Now we have high street shops like ‘Waste Not‘, run by dedicated teams working to  repair, renovate and recycle.

We’re asking you to come up with a new name for all the beautiful plants and flowers that make up the sea garden habitat of this World.   You can make all your suggestions on  Twitter and be sure to tag us at @Worldof_Water so we can retweet them.

And if you have any photos or drawings of any seaplants, share them with us on Instagram.

A WoW Campaign to change the way we view seaplants.

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