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Precious Fresh Clean Water

When there is a drought, groundwaters and surface waters often lower to the point where lakes and rivers dry out. Those who pump their water from aquifers for irrigating, drinking, cooking and washing during these dry seasons, increase the problem.

We asked volunteers for ways to get over this widespread problem.  Better water collection and storage along with careful water use were the top ideas on the list.

But what if you are a fish living in a river that is gradually drying out?
First of all, you’ll be easier to catch and kill in concentrated numbers. Then, as your home is taken away from you, you will drown in air unless you get help.

Aquifers, untouched for thousands of years, are now being pumped out to satisfy human demands for clean unpolluted water.  The best solution is to keep pollution out of surface water and continue to use this. Many think that rainwater and dew collection is the answer but this just short circuits the water cycle. In the meantime, freshwater life is at risk and most of it isn’t suited to pack its bags and move home into the sea.

Help us by sharing this blog and getting everyone to focus on the growing shortage of fresh clean water.

Keeping up the Clean Water pressure

On the other side of the Big Pond in the USA, Leonardo DiCaprio is developing his campaign to raise awareness about those (humans) in the World without access to clean water and he has, and I quote:

” signed a petition pressuring American President George W. Bush and other government leaders to commit to a legally binding United Nations treaty, which declares clean water as a basic human right”

It’s just strange to me that anyone would need to use pressure to get something as true as this acknowledged. The “No Clean Water – No Life” equation was probably ‘written’  by Nature over 400 Billion Years ago for this presently Blue Planet. In the big scheme of Earth things, it is a pivotal fact of reality. However, there’s no reason to believe that life cannot exist elsewhere in the universe without water.

There’s a DiCaprio presentation called ‘Water Planet’ that can be viewed on DiCaprio’s eco-site at http://www.leonardodicaprio.org

World Clean Water Campaigner