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Decoupage at the Water Palace Exhibition

At the Water Palace Exhibition in Birmingham, UK, World of Water used decoupage displays designed and made by architect Timothy Griffiths. Each display was back-lit to in balance with the brightness of the computer screens sponsored by I.B.M.

A photo record of five, out of the six decoupage, remains on the World of Water archive. The originals were lost.

Archived Nov.1985


The earliest decoupage in the WoW Collections (below) dates from circa 1923 and was made by Charles Wentworth Elam (1890 – 1966) for his daughter, Joyce Latham Elam, who later became co-founder of the World of Water charity.

Archived January 2020



Remembering Joyce Latham Elam (1922 – 2013)

Remembering Joyce L. Elam  (1922 Р2013), Co-Founder of World of Water.

Fountain – sculpt and ME!

Joyce Elam’s plan and founding aim for the charity was for it to research ways to use water more efficiently, especially in farming. In 1979, she opened Aber Gwen Mill in Wales as a centre for both scientific and artistic engagement. Today, the Trustees continue Joyce’s original vision through education, example and innovation.

Born in Liverpool, the daughter of veterinary surgeon Prof. Chales W. Elam and Gladys May Roberts, Joyce went to the Belvedere School then studied Drama at LAMDA.

She was with SIB during WW2, stationed in Burma and India. Following the war she joined the RSC and married Adrian Cruft at Westminster Abbey.

Joyce and Adrian worked together on the early productions at The Puppet-Theatre of Gordon Murray, and after playing Mrs. Elliott in ‘Mrs Dale’s Diary’ (BBC Radio) her career in radio drama took off. Joyce’s first television appearance was in ‘No Trams to Lime Street’ (Armchair Theatre) in 1959 and she continued working in both radio and TV drama for 30 years until joining Mary Richards at the Birmingham Theatre School to teach part-time.

Following Joyce’s death in January 2013, a major appeal was launched¬† to develop a new aquaponics research facility for international students to design and test farming systems for village communities where water is polluted or in low supply. We are now seeking support for the second phase of this project to develop a temperature controlled greenhouse, an outreach educational display and a new roof on the student workshop.

If you are able, please consider making a donation in kind to progress the work of our Charity so that together, we can bring about a global sea change in the way we all care for water and its life giving properties.

Keep in touch with news on this via our blog and follow progress on Twitter @Worldof_Water