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The rise of the ‘Ancient Waterkeepers’


“The rise of the ‘Ancient Waterkeepers‘ and their re-emergence in Wales at this time in the history of the World, may not be a fable.

There’s a flow in the air, trickling everywhere, as an ocean of supporters are busy clearing plastics from the ocean and its beaches. This flow of support is moving upsteam to include rivers, lakes and streams.

There’s a growing understanding that we should not be using single-use plastics and that anyway, we are using far too much plastic packaging in general because you cannot keep recycling plastics as their fibres get shorter and shorter each time you do.

The World’s one Water Cycle is crystal clear but we all need to become good waterkeepers so that aquifers, wells, waterfalls, ponds, marshland, swamps, icebergs, peat bogs, ditches, canals and probably puddles too, remain as clean as we can make them.

Water is a home for waterlife, not a place for us to dump on.

We need water, clean water, to take us forward into a healthy future. We’re only human but we must all do what we can to keep today fit for our tomorrows.

Maybe the recent sightings of “Ancient Waterkeepers” in **Llandrindod Wells, Wales, will encourage everyone locally to keep the physical water environment clean but we need good waterkeepers everywhere to preserve the physical and spiritual well-being of the planet


“Water is precious, every drop.
Polluting it has got to STOP.”


COMMENT by John C. Jones


The reservoir from which all thoughts emanate is perfectly in tune with the necessities of the universe and all that dwell in it.

Consequently, whenever necessary, that UNIVERSAL INBUILT SPIRIT will most definitely continue to rise up to correct any imbalance, as it has done successfully so many times in the past, since before the concept of infinity even existed.

Heed not the prophecies of doom for they are based entirely on the visible world and totally overlook the power of thought and the reservoir from which it flows.

As you so rightly point out, we must only enjoy “the hand that we have been dealt”. Be wise and accept it with a smile. The “cosmic joke” has been told in a universal language, for us all to share.

Best Wishes.

The one and only J.




The rise of ‘The Green Man’

Illustration by Paul Day




Latest sightings of the Ancient Water Keepers

Tues, 11 Apr 2006, 20:27 – Reply to John C. Jones from Grant

It was wonderful to see a link to this WoW site from the Middle Wales Llandoddie Site.

There’s a lot going on in Llandrindod Wells recently with the latest sightings of the Ancient Water Keepers.

A second book has been published and I must get over there (with Camera) and see if I can sight any for sharing with you. It would be a scoop and a half to get the first ever photograph of a Llandoddie onto the World of Water Web Site. And next year maybe, the first interview with one.

All best wishes and thank you again John.


P.S. Like your new site’s link to the Tidal Power developements at Hales Turbines

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