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School Talkabout on: The Future of Food for Wildlife

In a World becoming packed with soil and water based farms, where will wildlife source its future food?


So the story goes, dinosaurs were all killed after a meteor landed that was big enough to make the Gulf of Mexico and fill the World’s sky with smoke and dust which blocked out sunlight and reduced plant growth for a very long time.

In our tale of ‘Hew the Human’,  it was Hew who became too efficient at killing wildlife for food, ran too low on wild food so invented farming to secure year round food for Hew’s family.

Oh yes; Hew found he could also make money by selling food to all those who didn’t farm their own.

Sounds familiar?

At the end of our story, all ‘Hewmans’ (humans) looked to the open sea for food as they had totally covered all land with buildings :


In the more planet-friendly story …

the sea remains unpolluted and therefore full of food forever.

However …

In the real World, the sea is filling up with pollutants daily.

And the real story of fishing is mainly one of industrial greed and not one of feeding a family’s need.

School Talkabouts on the subject of ‘need and greed’ reveal both the problems that capital-driven societies continue to propagate and the options available to each new generation to solve our shared global food requirements.

If you and/or your pupils have a stomach for rich debate, book a Zoom date in your diary with us


More sand & more dust through the business of freshwater and soil exploitation.


“Thought World of Water might like to read this and comment. It was unusual to find a watery story under a heading including the words ‘SAND AND DUST STORMS’ “. (John C. Jones)


Thank again John for spotting this news and sure, I think World of Water needs to make a comment on this – one of our SPLASHBACK specials.

It’s a very watery issue.

Many farmers pump our lakes and rivers dry for irrigation and now many are pumping out our deep ancient aquifers too.  These farmers see their business as feeding the World’s growing population at any cost to the Earth.  Thankfully, many other farmers culture their soils and  use their slice of the water cycle very wisely.

As the World’s population grows, it needs feeding and watering more but food production itself needs feeding and needs water. As water is finite, over time our population growth will level out. We’re not there yet. There could be even tougher times ahead. More drought. More flooding. More dust. More starvation.

All around us we are putting ever greater pressures on available wild foods and those business farmers are sucking the goodness out of our soils and yes, the waters out of their natural locations. I know it’s heading us on track into a big concrete wall. I think we will hit it hard but I also hope the problem we are causing wakes us up before we hit the wall. It’s a complex but natural World of Water we live on and we allow sectors of one species to simply splash around without due care.

We need to keep this planet afloat. We’re all in this same boat. There’s a hard pressing need to culture the care and understanding required to keep us sailing.

What do we do? We continue to share wise ways through education. We drum home the difference between needs and desires so we fulfil our needs first.  We research better ways to balance our needs with the systems which feed us all.

We proceed with a unified care
for the one planet we share.

I shall tweet this @Worldof_Water straight away.

Thank again John for spotting this waterful tale of reality.


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The Sun it baked MY
land today; MY
water rose –
to clouds, away.

MY stream is dry,
MY soil now sand,
MY profits gone! Oy!
God give a hand.