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Fresh cooked and appearing on our charity’s new YouTube channel, “We VLOG” – we really do!

World of Water moves from blogging to vlogging and podcasting.

We are making space at our Field Centre for a small animation/ film studio. Big scenery can be built in one of the fields.

Through animation, we aim to reach out and campaign globally.

We’ll be launching our crowd funding film soon for help with the cost of setting up the studio

To donate and maybe star in one of our charity’s film, contact us directly at the World of Water Field Centre

Fun times ahead.



Lexie and Jacob – Film Makers in Residence.

Creative WoW volunteers Lexie and Jacob from New York and Washington DC, are this month’s Film Makers in Residence at the World of Water Field Centre, writing, storyboarding, producing, directing, filming, editing, performing and releasing this vid. in just seven days. (Preview image below)

Lexie and Jacob’s next shoot is in Iceland with the Huldufólk – another watery ode to the world of very real imagination.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 05.05.05









Shot on location at the World of Water Field Centre