Come and make waves with World of Water

World of Water is a pond-sized charity, with a heart the size of the ocean, focusing hard to help save lives by keeping all waters clean and fit-for-use.

We need a lot of help and encouragement. Here are 7 ways to help us.

1. Become a Supporter. Download your FREE membership certificate and join the heroes list of those who want to make the environmental changes needed across every continent.

Our charity is totally free to be a member but as donations really do make a big job easier and quicker to do, we’d love you to upgrade and become a Supporter and make whatever contribution you can.

WoWater2. Get your friends to follow us on Twitter  where you can share your news, tweet us links about your Global water and waterlife concerns.

Everyone and every living creature faces the same need for clean water so we really do need your support to reach out and help everyone stay healthy and live long.

Please spread the word about our vital charity aims by writing an article or posting a review about your water projects, events and the clean water concerns in your part of the World. Send us a link to your words and we will shout with you to make them louder.

Wherever you are in the World, more people need to know how hard you are working for the good of all.

Rolling out hydroponics at the WoW Field Centre

3. Make a donation to our Land One Project which provides students from all over the World a chance to study ways to use clean water more efficiently to grow more food.

By developing better clean water use in farming and lower water-intensive farming methods like aquaponics, nobody need die of starvation. Feeding the World is possible but without clean water there will be more deaths from starvation and further wars over water.


4. Hold a fundraising party for World of Water. Try a water theme like ‘Neptune Meets Santa’  or ‘Sealife’ and tweet your photos to @Worldof_Water using #WorldWater. As funds you raise for our charity can be directed to water causes that YOU determine are important, please remember to include a note with your donation as to what you feel needs to be done to make sure water suppliies and the whole water environment is clean and fit for quality life.

At your WoW Party remember to print out some extra WoW membership certificates to give to friends – not too many so that paper use is kept down).  Organize the party  at work,  on the beach, at school or with neighbours. Send us your party photo to share with the whole World of Water.

Jeanne5. Join us as a volunteer.  There’s so much to do in this World Water project and we therefore need all sorts of help including research, fund raising, field studies, marketing and getting out there into the crowd to reach the hearts of all those who need to care more about this shared World.

Whether your interest is in online crowdfunding or mass mobbing or you are a really down-to-earth practical person, there’s a big welcome for you at our charity. Would you enjoy helping us grow our field centre student facilities, making costumes, building bridges with like-minded organisations, being our image curator or organising events?

There are so many ways to share and spread our healthy planet aims.

Forum-MOVED-to-BBC-0079a6. Help us establish media contacts local to you or online.

Most people know about the specialist water charities that  concentrate their efforts on ensuring the supply of good sanitation and drinkable water to off grid communities.

We need more publicity for the full global water pollution problem so that there’s still clean water available for drinking, farming, food production and the wildlife environment on which we all depend.

elanvalley107. Send us a picture for our gallery of the wonderful world of nature and waterlife around your home area and let us know about your waterlife habitat conservation work.

We all live on the same “blue planet”  so we all need to care for Water, Waterlife and the Whole Water environment. It’s only a “blue planet” because there’s water here and unless we keep it pure, clean and BLUE the future for us and our World home is unclear.

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The benefits of online volunteering

  • As our charity organises its Field Centre Volunteers through volunteers there also get the chance to:
    – Develop health and well being.
    – Meet like-minded people
    – Benefit from free-training and acquire new skills
    – Enjoy volunteer-only benefits
    – Gain valuable work experience and improve job chances.

Wherever you are in the World, add your voice to ours to keep the water environment clean for all waterlife.

Thank-You-to-WoW-for-a-greaTo all our volunteers …. a global thank you from the children ready to inherit what we do and build the better World we all need.