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Tomorrow’s ‘TEAM WoW’ needed now. Are you ready to take over the challenge?


If you love WATER and the environment, Follow us @Worldof_Water and better still, Join Us.

Our charity is looking for twelve special people to help reshape the World and tackle its problems. If you know you are one of the twelve, this is the right time to contact us, meet us, and get to know our aims.

This is a rare opportunity to lead the way and:
  • gain personal experience,
  • do good,
  • change things,
  • help those in need,
  • develop friendships,
  • further your plans to protect and enhance World ecosystems,
  • promote a generation of more caring people
  • combine your energy with that of others around the World who have similar views to you.

For those who are eager but not quite ready to take over, training is available via a bursary scheme. Please enquire.  You can email us (see image below) or get in touch with us via our field centre contact page



If you prefer to send us a message, then visit our comments page and please type 054 at the beginning of your comment to grab our immediate attention.

Planned projects include:

1.  Education
Development of a global augmented reality app. , designed to merge environmental education with the changing environment.

2.  Correlating Sponsored Exhibits
Negotiating the co-funding of environmental sponsorship projects with individuals and groups.

3.  International Relations
Constant global liaison to underline that everyone must take an active interest in maintaining healthy water supplies and a clean water environment.

4.  Communications and Technology
Pushing technology so it helps World of Water’s aims and also supports all those working towards a perpetually sustainable future.

5.  Crowd Support networking
Reaching out to everyone to spread and culture the concerns of World of Water.

6.  Ecognomic campaigning
Grasping a global picture for us so that our charity always keeps up-to-date with the growth needs of others.

7.  Publishing and messaging a publicist for both digital and live broadcast.
Inter-group communications nerd who simply loves feeding the digital monster and finding out about good water related issues our charity should support.

8.  Hydrosystems Research
Gaining data and spotting the sort of useful stuff that will help our water projects and being part of the design team to communicate these findings to a wide audience.

9.  Budgetting
Preparing practical account projections for all projects so our charity keeps on budget and cultures an ongoing understanding of future funding needs and ‘what it takes to do what’.

10. Farmer / Aquaculturist.
Knowing the water in soil and sharing the findings from our charity’s aquaponic farming research.

11. Water Engineer
Spotting global problems in water management before they occur and working on ways to resolve present and ongoing water engineering issues in the environment, manufactured systems and  World of Water projects.

12. Musician and Event Organiser
Using the beats of World music to bring people together over the water issues that increasingly pull communities apart.

We can do this, together.




On behalf of the Trustees of World of Water.
Reg. UK Charity No 327188

Join the Team!


Come and volunteer with us at World of Water

World of Water rely on the dedication and support of hard-working and generous volunteers, and we are very grateful to them!

There are many opportunities for volunteers

These include:
*  Being a Field Centre guide during our Open Day and getting the place ready.
*  Helping out on our Water farming research
*  Networking / spreading the word through social media, business and school visits.
*  Writing educational and inspiring talks – delivering them too.
*  Giving a hand on the admin. side or get stuck in with pond, river, lake, beach cleaning
*  Growing some fun and useful support and revenue streams
*  Project planning and management
*  Catching global water news and feeding it to us for sharing
*  Adding to the Water experiences at our Field Centre
*  Library and data maintenance
*  Studio production of vids, blogs, memes, podcasts.
*  Streatching our outreach project globally
*  Doing some accurately aimed lobbying

With your enthusiasm, we can do this and more.

Come and feel the WoW Welcome!

The usual welcome for new volunteers goes something like this:

Meet & Greet and registration
Introduction and Tour of Field Centre

In return for some of your time and positive enthusiasm you will:
– expand your health and well being
– share plans with like-minded people
– benefit from free-training and probably acquire several new skills
– enjoy those volunteer-only benefits that others only dream about
– gain valuable worklife experiences to bolt onto your CV
and help in a project dedicated to making this planet the best home in the Universe.

For more information
Ring 01547 520925 and ask for Grant, or email:


If you would rather leave a comment here, then go over to our comments page and make sure you type 062 at the beginning of your comment to grab our attention and show us you’re for real straight away. Thanks.

All best
On behalf of the Trustees of World of Water.
Reg. UK Charity No 327188)