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When Reality sucks, it needs Augmenting. But when Augmenting Reality masks reality, what happens to the REAL?

Imagine all beaches polluted. Imagine every river dead. Think of industrial wastelands covering every field. Imagine THAT as a future and imagine everyone buying into Virtual Reality to escape THAT reality.

What an ultimate Escape Game that would be!

A few WOULD profit from such a game but their own reality would likely be a home that was far from the regular crowd and on some isolated and cleaner shore.

If this sounds like some future nightmare, have a look at some of the present industrial areas and then … check out who lives in them with pollution as their constant neighbour.

Our founder, Joy Latham Elam, visited many of the World’s troubled areas and knew this well when she started our charity. Sadly she died in tears, not knowing how to communicate the problems, how to halt the tide of growing global water pollution and how to feed the World’s hungry.

Today, there are new ways to communicate the problems facing us all. Every day, more people realise these problems and are linking their skills and resources to solve them.

Through constant talks, exhibitions, workshops, field trips, walks, recordings, publications and face-to-face meetings, our charity promotes the need to clean up the World’s Water and keep it clean.

We share the problems facing the World’s water by highlight them on the streets and in the public landscape – right where the quality of water is under greatest threat.

You can help …

Be a Water Watcher with us.
Make waves with us.
Turn the tide on pollution.
Stop the flow of death-by-profit.

We need to create a sea change. One World – one shared body of Water .. keep it clean.

“Water is elemental, life-giving and sustaining. It is ours to drink, ours to play in, to grow with, to build on. Water is more fundamental than any other substance on Earth” (Troubled Water: Saints, Sinners, Truth & Lies  About the Global Water Crisis.  (Published in 2004) By Anita Roddick with Brooke Shelby Biggs

Omnium Gatherum

We use the World of Water collections in exhibitions, school projects, loans to other museums, fundraising events, publicity and talks.

* We welcome donations that help us to communicate our aims, raise funds, and support our educational and research projects. If you think you may have items that we would find useful for this, please contact us, marking your message “WoW Collections”.

Our collections include:

Sea Shells (both freshwater and marine species)
Paintings (Watercolours / Mixed Media)
Fruit Wrappers
Fruit Stickers
Drawings (Plans.Designs)
Rubbings (Brass. Iron castings, Stone)
Documents (Letters, Stories, Lyrics, Poems)
Post Cards
Paper (Handmade)
Tape Recordings
Ceramics / Pottery
Glass & Pottery / Bottles
Sculpt (Wood, Pottery, Stone)
Water Heritage
Fish Memorabilia
Metal Artifacts
Plastic Artifacts
Wooden Artifacts (Carved. Natural)
Packaging (Sea food)
Printing Equipment
Digital Files (Docs. Images, Audio, Video)

Presently sorting through the play bills collection. Here’s the first, printed on white silk with golden tassle surround. Date: between 1853 and 1857.

Theatre Manager: Alfred Wigan
 Main performance:   Still Waters Run Deep

Interested in Playbills? See also the Folger Collections

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