WoW Campaign Planning

Campaigning is vital.

It brings issues to the surface that need action. For example:

WoW’s Stop Waste Forever Campaign was inspired by the first litter campaign of ‘Keep Britain Tidy’

In a good blue-green circular economy, the word ‘waste’ will not appear in its lexicon.

As we move towards a far closer understanding of our earthship and its finite resources,  this mantra from the past needs to resurface and become part of everyone’s hard wiring for all time:

“Waste Not, Want Not”

Stop Waste Forever School Days Home Pack, Spring Greens Fair, Court of Noke

If you are a Campaigner who drives issues home, get on the WOW track and make your voice heard.

Water is Precious,
Every drop.
Polluting it has
Water Sampling with RWT (Radnorshire Wildlife Trust)

Environmental Campaigns that support and initiate projects addressing water pollution, conservation (Cleddau Project) and sustainable water management.

Pembrokeshire County Council #2minutebeachclean

Citizen Science Programs that involve the public in collecting data on local water quality, biodiversity, and environmental changes.

WOW’s  World Clean Water Campaign  (WOW Archive 2006)

“Is your World of Water, the way you want it – full of sparkling fresh rain, tranquil lakes or bad weather jokes and fumes?”

(Illustration: WOW Library)
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