Museum of Water

At first, the Museum of Water may appear to be a large collection of waters, each sampled by individuals who have a very special connection with their donated exhibit.

The range of bottles and other containers is it itself, fascinating, but the most beautiful and telling parts of the collection are the stories attached to each exhibit.

It’s a touring exhibition but you can check out its web site now.

There are some very different ‘troubled waters’ in our Water Footprint Museum  and many act as time capsules containing a wide range of pollutants. They are being collected to preserve a historical record of environmental damage  for future researchers.

One of our cleaner waters is this one, ‘Sterile Water for Irrigation’ but not of an agricultural nature:

Photo Reference: WoW H20bservatory Project
“Next time you are beside a river, stream, lake, well, sea, canal, aquaduct, reservoir, pond or drain,  be on the look out for water and waterlife in trouble.  For waterlife, it’s their home and they can’t escape it and they haven’t got a water treatment plant to keep it clean.”

Photo reference: WoW River Watch Campaign