Aquaponic Junkyard Challenge

Are you keen on ponics and could you construct a carbon dioxide filter, in record time, from a roll of grey duct tape, two lithium-hydroxide canisters, two LCG bags, two hoses, two socks and one bungee cord? Then we challenge you to construct a fully functioning hydroponic, aquaponic, bioponic, airponic or any other ponic system you want, from the collection of parts at our field centre.

You don’t have to be a NASA engineer to accept our challenge and unlike Apollo 13, there’s no risk of three astronauts dying in a space capsule whilst you are busy thinking, but there is one risk to make you think hard and that’s all about whether we can collectively produce enough nourishing food as the global human population expands. If we can’t, millions will die.

Minimal use and re-use of unpolluted water looks to be the top farming solution for the future.

“Wait a minute! What about limiting population growth?”

“That’s not going to appeal to all families.”

“How about changing to sea grown food?”

“That plan would only work if all global industries stopped dumping their pollutants into the ocean – and all polititians would need to revoke all the licenses that allow ocean pollution.”

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