Blueprints for a blue planet – WOW’s Global Centre of Water Excellence

Get close up and personal with the most fascinating, useful and used liquid on Earth:


Does your thirst for a healthy future include happiness alongside the growing 3D-immersive, AI augmented, smart, on-request, sustainable, robot-automated world?

If it does, come and see if your blueprint for the future matches ours as we should be working together, and fast. Say hi.

We’re planning a goal.
We’re finding the team
To make sure all Water
Is healthy and clean.
No matter how far
Or how long we’ll be,
Every drop counts
From the rain
To the Sea.

Our charity opened its first Water Centre for Wales in 1978 at AberGwen Mill. Now, we are planning a Centre of Water Excellence for the World.

This Centre will bring together our:

In this world, as we look to reduce our carbon footprints, we  make giant Water Footprints. These we need to understand and calculate if we are ever to be a multi-planet species.

3.0 Manipulation of WATER
6.0 WATER use in the Leisure Industry

By using  holograms, projections,  luminous paint, exhibits, UV light, LEDs, Google Tiltbrush, Microsoft HoloLens and live interactive AR apps, the WATER FOOTPRINTS  in the Building Industry come to light.

16.0 WATER in Shape and Form
23.1 Water in Imaging using the WOW Collections
OCEAN DEBRIS display using the WOW Collections
The WoW Collections include all the exhibits our charity has used to communicate the need to keep the World’s water clean and our global water footprint lean. As we grow our population we need to make changes in water use so that everyone and all wildlife lives in a clean water environment.
Steel Roof Truss blueprint from 1936 (WoW Collections) ‘Blueprint for a Structural Engineer’ by The Birmingham Concrete Steel Company. (Erected 1936. New Foundry, Mary Ann Street, Birmingham.

You are already a member of this blue planet so ask yourself …

When just about to take stuff to your local recycling centre, do you figure out the best way it’s going to be re-purposed?

When looking to specify a steel roof truss or a timber one, do you start by considering the water  footprints of both?

When planning a new farm or industrial activity which is going to creates some sort of waste, do you start by working out whether that waste can be usefully used?

When buying items, do you check what sort of water footprint or carbon footprint they consumed to make or grow them?


With just one planet for all life at the moment, every part of it needs to fit into a cycle. The biggest cycle is the Water Cycle and we want everyone to join us in making sure the Water Cycle is fit for life’s many ways and that the global body of water stays fit for the health of all tomorrows.

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