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Is this a message from the year 2070 AD ?

A good Friend of mine, Nalini in India, brought to my attention the following:

World Water
Is this a message from the year 2070AD


[The letter was published in the magazine “Crónicas de los Tiempos“, in April 2002]

This is the year 2070
I have just turned 50,
but I look and feel 85.
I suffer from serious kidney problems, because I do not drink enough water.
I’m afraid I do not have much time left to live.
I am one of the oldest people in this society.
I remember when I was a child of 5.
Everything was very different.
There were lots of trees in the parks, houses with beautiful gardens,
and I could enjoy having a shower for half an hour.
Nowadays we use towels with mineral oil to clean our skin.

Before, women had beautiful hair.

Now, we have to shave our heads to keep them clean without the use of water.

Then, my father washed his car with water
coming out of a hosepipe.
Now, my son does not believe that water could be wasted that way.

I remember there were
warnings on outdoor posters, radio
and TV, but nobody paid attention.
We thought that water was to last forever.
Now, all the rivers, lakes,
dams and underground water beds
are either dry or contaminated.

Industry came to a standstill, unemployment is sky high.
Desalination plants are the main source of employment
and workers receive part of their salary in drinkable water.

Assaults on the streets for a can of water are very common.

Before, it was recommended an adult drinks 8 glasses a day.
Nowadays, I am only allowed half a glass.

We now have to wear disposable clothing,
and this increases the amount of litter.
We are using septic tanks, because the sewerage system does not work for lack of water.
All the people look horrible: wrinkled due to dehydration, full of sores caused by ultra violet radiation, as the ozone layer is almost gone.

Skin cancer, gastrointestinal infections and of the urinary tracts are the main causes of death.
Due to the excessive drying of the skin young people of 20 look like 40.
Scientists have no solution to the problem.
Water cannot be produced, oxygen is not sufficient due to the lack of trees and vegetation, and the intellectual capacity of the younger generations is severely impaired.
The morphology of spermatozoa in many men has changed.
As a consequence, babies are born with deficiencies, mutations and physical deformities.

The average life expectancy is 35 years.
Water became a very coveted treasure.

Any green zones crossed by rivers are guarded by armed soldiers.
Where I live, there are no trees, because it seldom rains. If it does, it is acid rain.
We were warned to look after the environment, but nobody cared.
I tell my son about the green fields,
the beautiful flowers, the rain, how we swam and fish in the rivers and dams, drinking all the water we could, and how healthy people were.
He asks:
Daddy! Why there is no water?
Was I guilty ?
My generation destroyed the environment. We did not heed the warning signs.
Now our children pay a very high price!
Soon, I think, life on earth will not be possible,
as the destruction of nature has reached an irreversible stage.
How I would like to go back and make mankind understand…

……….that we still had time to save our Planet Earth.

*All such words need to spread globally. Words must be backed up by actions.

The World of Water Charity needs a lot more practical support so if you can help in any way, contact us.

Let’s get together fast to make sure the letter above is NEVER written :

Please think of Waterlife and your Water use everyday.

Please SUPPORT the educational work of our  Charity; visit our DONATIONS page  at:  http://www.thehobb.tv/wow/donations.html

World Water. Giftaid-it

No Clean Water – No Life.

World Clean Water Campaigner

World of Water. Registered UK Charity No. 327188

Comments following COP26 Glasgow and on reading https://www.science.org/content/article/eve-climate-summit-researchers-sharpen-emissions-tracking

It’s vital to have the facts put on the table, face upwards. This doesn’t erase smoke screens, stop sleight of hand, lessen miss-information, wash away lies or eradicate views founded on hot air, but it gives us a fuller picture.

One of our first volunteers at WoW, Tracey, would walk the Midland’s canals with empty jam jars to collect whatever odd coloured liquids were discharging into the water. Taking these carefully to the nearest factory back door, she’d knock and enquire of anyone opening the door/s “is this yours and what makes it fit for putting in a canal with fish?”
As you can imagine, Tracey had a lot of factory doors slamed shut on her.

The reality is that polluters know they are polluting and they know that it would make a dent in their profit to clean up their waste. Today, there are some very sophisticated ‘jam jars’ out there. Let’s all use them to the full and publish our findings widely.


According to this there’s going to be a serious lack of fresh water in ten years. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000z2cw

Hi John. Hope all’s well with you.

Until our species restricts its use of fresh water to match the rate at whch it is freshened by the natural water cycle, I think it’s likely that fresh water will be in shorter supply and they’ll be a greater use of both desalinated water and partially cleaned water.

The writing was on the wall as soon as we started to pump up water from ancient aquifers faster than they refilled.

We can do things to slow down the way the future seems to be heading but I doubt we will. In the meantime, we’ll just continue to develop further food farming methods that use less and less water and make sure that Mother Nature knows that some of us are on her side.

All best

`·. …¸><((((º>
><((((º>       Grant            ><((((º>
(º> (º> (º> (º> }<(((º>
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Raising our profile from a Kitchen Table Charity

World of Water, the forward-thinking, energetic, positive, hard working, warm-hearted, water-wise, water-caring charity.

We need your help:

We are one of many charities doing wonderful jobs and as BBC Radio 4 Today presenter, John Humphrys  puts it,  we are a ‘Kitchen Table Charity’.  The Kitchen Table Charities Trust.

Our kitchen table at the HoBB welcomes socially-distanced volunteers from around the world through the HelpExchange (Helpx.net) and Wwoof.org schemes but at times it is too small to work on things like waterlife displays, educational material for schools, prototype water farming equipment and food production trials. And unlike the original Aber-Gwen Mill (see below), our present field centre has limited parking space. helpWe need your help to find a bigger kitchen table or possibly a larger kitchen in the cloud  – one we can work around to share our research findings with more international students.

Follow us now as we grow our profile in the Cloud ( Tweet to @Worldof_Water )

In 1978,  A.E.D. Taylor and J. Latham invested in a project to save Abergwen Mill, a large Welsh woollen mill in Dolgran, Pencader, Carmarthenshire, with the support of the Brewery at Arddol Mill.

This early water heritage project spawned a small exhibition on water and an aquaculture research unit.  On opening to the public, with assistance from the Wales Tourist Board (Now VisitWales), the area between both mills was soon adopted as a watery playground by local children, and nicknamed ‘World of Water’ by two of them, Wayne and Peter.

Abergwen Mill
Image by morfuddnia / Casgliad y Werin Cymru / People’s Collection Wales

The mill site closed after the death of Mr Taylor but as all the children wanted their World of Water to live on, an educational work/play group was formed.  This group of five trustees, one remaining founder, one patron plus volunteers, designed and built an outreach exhibition on the work of World of Water which toured the UK for a year and included details of the work of the late Frank Buckland

World of Water was registered as an educational and research charity in 1986 to help those in need to:

* develop and share better methods of water use in food production (Latham-Jessé Project)
* research, develop and support other ways to use water more efficiently
* promote the health of the full water cycle for the benefit of all water reliant life.



Water Heritage ( Please tweet to #waterheritage )

We surveyed and reported on Coultershaw Mill. This is now a Heritage Site exhibiting ‘centuries of water power’. Fantastic news.

We prepared a proposal with designer Russell Ord on Hatton Water Works and a Water Safety pack for Severn Trent Water, UK.

ted02We co-designed a water visitor centre and water gardens with Martin Hulse for Sopley Mill, a peat bog centre with John Wincott in Ireland, and a visitor attraction at Hales Abbey Fishponds.





We prepared the presentation drawings to promote the UK’s National Angling Centre and a touring caravan for the Atlantic Salmon Trust.




We would like to thank everyone for their suggestions. Please keep them coming in. We do research every one.

Here are a few of your suggestions we have been to view:

The Cadbury Indoor Girls Bath in Bournville (A watery space but no parking area)
A small Pig Sty in the Cotswold (Thank you Beryl Cornish – a very useful and safe place when we needed to store our Wet Harvest exhibition)
An industrial unit in Water Street, Birmingham (Thank you John Eley for use of space. We enjoyed building the ‘Wet Harvest’ exhibition and being your neighbour for the build. )
A fish Hatchery developed by Welsh Water (Thank you for sending us details of your hatchery and also for supplying our first trout fingerlings at Pencader)
A Water Mill alongside the busy rail links through to Crewe (This was a bit too noisy and the mill pond was not going to be easy to renovate and fill with water)
A group of sandstone caves in a woodland (Damp, no vehicular access … but great fun)
An antique centre in Stratford-upon-Avon (Too costly to rent but it would have been a good high street location to promote our charity’s work)
A Water Tower (This sold for a very high price at auction and was really a bit small – even for our kitchen table)
A ruin of a Water Mill in Eardisland alongside the River Arrow (Yes yes yes. Beautiful setting but not a friendly neighbour)
An old primary school in Knighton (Fun, close, but costly to convert to our needs. It is now home to the amazing and absurd world of the creative wonder which is,  Andy Hazell)
A shop in Bridge Street, Kington (Brilliant high street location with good meeting/ office space but sadly, no access allowed by neighbour to rear of this property)
A perfect property in the old Fishguard harbour (But the ground floor floods each Spring tide since the local council built a car park for visitors/ tourists)
A woodland located by a famous South Wales beach. (Perfect marine study area near a heritage visitor attraction but no buildings allowed on site)
Riverside fields to the West of Womaston Castle pond, Walton (Perfect. Large. Plenty of water. Flat land / car parking. Specimen trees. But bid not high enough)
A little mediaeval church in Gwynfe, Brecon Beacons. (Idea for storage of WoW exhibitions and as a meeting hall but our bid wasn’t high enough)
An small house alongside the Cleddau Estuary so good as a boat house and hub for marine algae studies. We didn’t put in a bid as the owner kept increasing the price)
5 acres and a disused chicken house overlooking the Bristol Chanel, UK (ideal for an indoor aquaponics research unit but isolated and poor road access)
A great 3 storey stone chapel in Kington (but this was bought by a developer to create 10 flats which is a good use for the building)
A tan house (tannery) with land and river in Staunton upon Arrow but this went at auction for a figure beyond our charity’s budget.
A community hall in Fishguard overlooking the sea.

Please keep your suggestions flowing in. You can always email us (see image below) or get in touch with us via our field centre contact page

If you would like to make a comment, either privately or for us to publish and share, then go over to our comments page and make sure you type 060 at the beginning of your comment to grab our attention and show us you’re for real straight away. Thanks.

All best
On behalf of the Trustees of World of Water.
Reg. UK Charity No 327188)