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Recent WoW Library additions

Our charity holds a useful collection of reference books. Most of these are on some water related subject like ‘Getting Food from Water’ by Gene Logsdon [ Pub.Rodale Press 1978. ISBN: 0-87857-232-5 ] but we also have books of literature and specialist books on the arts, design and publishing.

If you enjoy browsing book shelves, you’ll find those at our *HoBB Field Centre full of unexpected delights; for example:

‘The Land of Britain – its use and misuse’ [ 3rd Edn.] by L. Dudley Stamp [ Pub. Longmans, Green & Co Ltd. 1962 ]

‘Jazzways’ Edited by George S. Rosenthal & Frank Zachary [Pub. Musicians Press Ltd. London. 1947 ]

‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge [ Illus. and typography by Eric Saxton. Prod. at the College of Technology, School of Art, Oxford. 1958 ]

‘Sexism in Children’s Books’ Edited by the Children’s Rights Workshop. Pub.by Writers and Readers Publishing Cooperative. 1976. pp60. Paperback.

‘Hydroponics – Food without Soil’ ( A Journal of Experiments 1938 to 1940)  by C. Isabel Hilyer [ Pub. Penguin Books Ltd. 1940 ]

‘Modern Sacred Art And The Church Of Assy’ by William S. Rubin [ Pub. Columbia University Press 1961 ]

‘The Development of the Theatre’ by Allardyce Nicoll [ 3rd Edn. ]  [ Pub. George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd.  1948 ]

‘The Water We Use’ by Brian & Mary Holmes [Pub. Methuen & Co Ltd. 1966 ]

‘Storyquest’ Project by Kate Norgate. An ‘Arts & Kids Creation’ (Book on loan from Chris Glynn.

* H.o.B.B. stands for ‘Home of BookBod’ so you can imagine that there are also a number of books here being carefully stored, repaired, loved, illustrated and written.

Do you have some books on water that you feel could help the studies of our international student volunteers? If so, please let us know. Thank you.


Waterlife Lifeboat Rescue

Flood Water – reaching places where other waters cannot reach.

As the floods rise, waterlife is swept into pools just as rising tides deposit sealife into rock pools.

As the floods recede, fresh waterlife is often forgotten – stranded in shallows to perish whilst the focus goes into cleaning mud and debris from streets and houses.

We asked volunteers what could be done to rescue freshwater life. The answer is simple – we need a fast-response inflatable craft for shallow water to reach stranded animals and a lot of patience during rescues.

Please share this wish with all you know so we can establish the first ‘lifeboat’ service for stranded waterlife.